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late nights kill me
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John Steinbeck from The Winter of Our Discontent
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Anonymous said: Dude you're like so beautiful be my best friend please and thank you
I replied:


first of all i hope a cute puppy licks ur face and you get a box full of cupcakes bc ur rad as hell ily

second of all u r so nice what to heck people like u actually exist

third of all have u seen beyonce tho

i am not beyonce

she is a goddess and beautiful is defined by her very being

im always down 4 friends tho talk to me anytime!!!! 

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my attempt at Everything I Never Want To Be by Real Friends 🙌
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look at this cool pic i took instead of getting ready for school
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I opened my door for you and you came in and burned my house down."
my lungs are filling with smoke but i cant leave (via insanosylum)
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